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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The JNUSU, A String-Puppet of JNUTA

Who could forget the Kaleidoscope, the time pass of one’s younger age, immature and wildly free life called childhood? It was replaced with the string-puppet show, popularly known as the game of Kathputali, with the passage of time. It is a strange game in which actors are attached to some strings while performing their action with hands, or arms. A puppeteer, in the background, control the strings which give motion to the body, eyes, mouth, head, limbs, and action of a character. Though he speaks in the voice of the on-stage character yet, the audience is forced to believe that these words are of the character. However, the reality is far away from the “accepted truth.” Neither actor nor action, rather it is the person behind the scene that does everything on behalf of the player.

This puppet in JNU is none other than the JNUSU, whose strings, at least from last two years, are in the hands of JNUTA. The Student Union, whether by will or force, is at lip-service of their masters who are controlling their actions. Meanwhile, and in between the times, the JNUites are compelled to believe that the JNUSU is doing everything for their shake. There is nothing for the students until JNUTA is leading this organisation.

The JNUSU has lost its respect in the current form due to their alignment with the JNUTA. The need of the hour is to disassociate JNUSU from the powerful lobby of JNUTA. The former are undeveloped while the later are riped intellectuals, who know how to misguide the weak minds.

Each student fails to understand, why and for which motif the JNUSU is in secret engagement with JNUTA. Today, both the associations come today on the matter of GSCASH, which is a serious issue that should be taken care and if possible with grave concern. I am not big enough to talk about such matters. So, I am not pressing many alphabets of my laptop on same. But, my concern will not forget to highlight JNUSU and its relation with JNUTA.

On GSCASH, as many pamphlets are saying, this is right too, that the boy students harass many girl students. No doubt in the above statement but, is it the whole truth? Is there anything left? Is it only the students? Are teachers not in the list of those who “harassed” the girl students? If yes, then why the JNUSU is not mentioning it in their pamphlets. It seems that all the left parties, right wing, and even BAPSA have accepted the fact that only “boy’ do the act of harassment? Why are they not pointing their fingers on teachers of JNU? Why are they not included, or, why they left alone by these student unions.

A student union should be for the benefit of the student and not for the JNUTA. The student wing should come out to send a message that not only boys but the teachers are also part of it. A half-truth or half statement will be an injustice to girls, and same is not the motif of Gender Justice.

Today, everyone is crying in JNU about this hot topic but have they ever thought how the JNUTA is leading a student representative body in India’s most influential university. The JNUSU is the “Parrot,” if not tarot card, of the Madame Sosostris, the famous clairvoyante.

Note: If you do not like the matter, enjoy the String-Puppet show (copied from YouTube)