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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Nightmare Theory: Moral Abduction in Bihar

There is no exact definition of “Nightmare Theory” except the phrase occurred once in the movie, A Beautiful Mind that is based on Sylvia Nasar’s biography about the life of John Nash, Nobel Laureate in Economics, 1994. The theory loosely means a situation when one starts believing, but slowly, in impossible facts.

The artists and writers, including intellectuals, who returned their awards in 2015 as a gift for the vanguard of democracy, have quickly accepted the unacceptable that BJP forms a government in Bihar. The condition of Congress, Lalu, and the masses in Bihar is in the same dilemma. The delusion of “su-shasana” (good governance), as promised by the Mahagathbandan (Grand alliance) is a thing of past now.

The ethics, morality, masses, love, family or to say everything is sacrificed to gain power. In the olden era, the kings massacred their families, and child betrayed their fathers. To say differently, the man in the authority is always right, even if s/he is wrong. The dropping of Nuclear Bomb on Japan killed millions and after-effects were even worse. But, the man, Henry S. Truman, who gave order for such task, good or bad does not matter, is considered great because of power and victory of Alliance in WW-II. On the other hand, Hitler is considered the enemy of humanity as he was a harbinger of death to the million of the Jews. Both killed uncounted, but the power categorized them as “good” or “bad.” What will change in this world or, in India, if Hitler wins and England with America lose the WW-II?

Similarly, what will change in Bihar if BJP wins in 2015 and even after the demolition of Mahagathbandha. Nothing, I suspect. It will remain what it was yesterday, is today and will continue to be the same tomorrow too. One thing is new in Bihar of mid-2017. Earlier the mass in Bihar was abducted by showing the fear that “jag jao Bihar ke logo, warna Gabbar aa jaega” (wake, arise Biharwallah, else villain (BJP) is coming). But now it is in the name of dirty politics, if I am not wrong. Today, after the imposition of nightmare theory, no has answered that how the villain of yesterday become the hero of today. One can just put it in this way: either one dies as a villain as BJP dies in Bihar election, or one has to live until s/he itself become a villain as Lalu for Nitish. An ordinary person ponder on, who is the villain of today out of Lalu and Nitish? To answer them, I do not know about Lalu, but the case of Nitish is amazingly strange. Whatever be the condition, he emerged as a Hero, and not a villain. By hero, I mean the powerful. He wanted to live in the mainstream to taste the fruit of same power that Truman has but Hitler not. He is the slave to power that is why he is villain Gabbar Singh for the intellectuals of India, especially to those who were part of Award Wapsi Movement.

It is said and rightly too that in politics no one can trust no one. There is a place where the enemy of yesterday will become a friend. To put it in a phrase, it the marriage of snakes and rats (you know what I mean). Such is entirely applicable to Nitish as well as to the BJP. However, the nightmare theory shall apply only to the intellectuals and not to the people of Bihar, who not only know the scenario but also understand everything very well. Leaders will remain leaders and mass will be mass. Game on politics will continue. Leaders are players, and mass is nothing but an audience, a mute spectator. Remember, the mass has to pay the price to watch them playing and come home bare handed after the match, but players earn while playing. Such is the condition of Bihar. Players win, but Bihar loses.

Only the voters define the popularity and unpopularity of leader and are nothing beyond this assumption in India. Hence, it is easy for the leaders to abduct, in the case of morality only, them due to their lack of political knowledge. They are just pawn at the hands of political leaders, and they ethically kill them in the name of politics and for fun.

I know some lines are objectionable, so do object it along with the government of Bihar. The “Biggest Critic,” you are welcome.

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