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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The JNUSU, A String-Puppet of JNUTA

Who could forget the Kaleidoscope, the time pass of one’s younger age, immature and wildly free life called childhood? It was replaced with the string-puppet show, popularly known as the game of Kathputali, with the passage of time. It is a strange game in which actors are attached to some strings while performing their action with hands, or arms. A puppeteer, in the background, control the strings which give motion to the body, eyes, mouth, head, limbs, and action of a character. Though he speaks in the voice of the on-stage character yet, the audience is forced to believe that these words are of the character. However, the reality is far away from the “accepted truth.” Neither actor nor action, rather it is the person behind the scene that does everything on behalf of the player.

This puppet in JNU is none other than the JNUSU, whose strings, at least from last two years, are in the hands of JNUTA. The Student Union, whether by will or force, is at lip-service of their masters who are controlling their actions. Meanwhile, and in between the times, the JNUites are compelled to believe that the JNUSU is doing everything for their shake. There is nothing for the students until JNUTA is leading this organisation.

The JNUSU has lost its respect in the current form due to their alignment with the JNUTA. The need of the hour is to disassociate JNUSU from the powerful lobby of JNUTA. The former are undeveloped while the later are riped intellectuals, who know how to misguide the weak minds.

Each student fails to understand, why and for which motif the JNUSU is in secret engagement with JNUTA. Today, both the associations come today on the matter of GSCASH, which is a serious issue that should be taken care and if possible with grave concern. I am not big enough to talk about such matters. So, I am not pressing many alphabets of my laptop on same. But, my concern will not forget to highlight JNUSU and its relation with JNUTA.

On GSCASH, as many pamphlets are saying, this is right too, that the boy students harass many girl students. No doubt in the above statement but, is it the whole truth? Is there anything left? Is it only the students? Are teachers not in the list of those who “harassed” the girl students? If yes, then why the JNUSU is not mentioning it in their pamphlets. It seems that all the left parties, right wing, and even BAPSA have accepted the fact that only “boy’ do the act of harassment? Why are they not pointing their fingers on teachers of JNU? Why are they not included, or, why they left alone by these student unions.

A student union should be for the benefit of the student and not for the JNUTA. The student wing should come out to send a message that not only boys but the teachers are also part of it. A half-truth or half statement will be an injustice to girls, and same is not the motif of Gender Justice.

Today, everyone is crying in JNU about this hot topic but have they ever thought how the JNUTA is leading a student representative body in India’s most influential university. The JNUSU is the “Parrot,” if not tarot card, of the Madame Sosostris, the famous clairvoyante.

Note: If you do not like the matter, enjoy the String-Puppet show (copied from YouTube)

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Deconstruction of BAPSA’s Pamphlet

Deconstruction of BAPSA’s Pamphlet: A Footnote to Dinesh Kumar

It is Sep 6, evening. Voting for JNUSU election was to begin in less than twelve hours. A “philosopher friend” of mine named Dinesh Kumar come to my room.

“Whom you are going to vote,” he questioned.

“It could be a female from AISF,” I replied with adding that, “I am also thinking about BAPSA.”

“If I were at your position, then I will vote for BAPSA,” said Dinesh by putting his hand on his head in an advising manner.

I understand the hidden meaning what he was trying to suggest me. Today, two weeks later, he comes with a note “Interrogating BAPSA’s Ideology: Follow the principle of No Hindu Chauvinism, No More Minority Fundamentalism.”

After reading read his words, I decide to write something on this pamphlet. My arguments in this note is purely based on an essay “Politics and the English Language” by George Orwell. Some of my sentences also have an indirect resembles with Jacques Derrida’s “Deconstruction” in which he stated the relationship between “text” and “meaning.” Before going deep on the subject, let me quote the words of BAPSA’s Pamphlet with  which my friend Dinesh has  "objection":

Oppression through Egalitarian Religions and Philosophies
Religions like Buddhism, Islam, Christianity and many others have played a significant role in spreading the ideas of equality and humanity at a particular point of its historical development, and they still continue to inculcate humanitarian values for many. Buddha was always against violence and Buddhism is all about compassion and fellow feeling. However it has always lost its egalitarian transformative values once the socially dominant oppressive forces appropriated it for their own interest, producing a larger cultural hegemony for a more stable power structure. The same happened even with a non-spiritual, non-religious egalitarian philosophy like Marxism that produced social Fascism in USSR and China under ‘communist’ or ‘proletariat’ dictatorship. The oppressive forces with the help of state machinery produce, reproduce and regulate regressive social values, inequalities through socially dominant cultures. In such condition a transformative ideal can become a dogma, fanatic and oppressive. Further under a democratic electoral system, the oppressive forces always try to convert political majority into a communal majority through the dominant culture, posing a serious threat to the entire humanity or democracy itself. Therefore this is high time for the oppressed from all faith, all countries, to support each other by isolating the common enemies within.

Here is my deconstruction of the text, meaning, language and its effect on the careful person.

The first line, “have played significant role(s) in spreading the ideas of equality and humanity” is itself a lie as all the religions, except a few, are promoting more hatred and bloodshed against a different community.  Christian hates Jew, Hindu hates Muslim, Shia hates Sunni and many others. So “the ideas of equality and humanity” dies a premature death in the embryo of religion long before it was born. Yes, I forget to mention, "Left" hate "ABVP" so the "BAPSA."

The second line: no objection on the second line.

The third line is most problematic as it stated that Buddhism “lost its egalitarian transformative values once the socially dominant oppressive forces appropriated it for their own interest?” No doubt, when religion mixed with politics, it becomes polluted.

The fourth line remains the biggest hurdle and becomes totally undigested when you compare Buddhism with fascism especially “with a non-spiritual, non-religious egalitarian philosophy like Marxism.” The gap was further widened by making it a synonymous of “social Fascism in USSR and China.”

The language by the writer is unstructured in third and fourth line. The writer has to quote Marxism first and then Buddhism in the context. If this was employed then. the problem remains even less. By using this, one can say that Buddhism is wrong as it is walking on the path of Fascism. But, your meaning is totally opposite. This line with fouth line means that Buddhism is Fascist and rest of the ideologies are its “tail.” And its “head” is Buddhism. By Buddhism, I mean the corrupted Buddhism under the influence of politics, or the bad politics.

Following the essay of Orwell, till four lines, the language is highly Socialist and Marxist. It can be proved by the excessive use of words like “humanitarian values,” “egalitarian transformative values,” “socially dominant oppressive forces,” “cultural hegemony” and “more stable power structure,” “Marxism,” “social Fascism,” ‘communist’ or ‘proletariat’ dictatorship. Here, one like Dinesh could easily interrogate BAPSA with the words “Are you promoting Ambedkarism or Socialism?” If you follow the footprints of Ambedkar, then it was not the language of this “icon” who believed in more democratic and constitutional language. Whether it is Marxists or socialists, they always discredit State and religion. But, name me even a single Socialist country that is able to disband religion from its land. I assure that your answer is negative. Ambedkar believed in “state” and wanted to eradicate all evils by living in the structure (one can interrogate me here on the point of his conversion to Buddhism). It is his belief that leads us to the Constitution.

I recommend you to use original Ambedkarite Language that is solely based on the Constitution. If possible, avoid the words “fascist,” “proletariat,” “dictatorship” or the traditional Marxist terminology. You fight is also against Socialism who never support you in your struggle. And your using of their language, surely giving strength to them instead of you. On a different note, if I ask you a question, “what is the difference between your structural language and the language used by the Socialists,” then what would be your answer. My dear friends, Ambedkar is behind the picture. Bring him on the stage.

The fifth line is correct, but again what is the content of it. “The oppressive forces” “state machinery” stands for which ideology. Even, socialist countries too “oppressive forces with the help of state machinery produce, reproduce and regulate regressive social values, inequalities through socially dominant cultures.” For example China. If so, then how would you justify your words by using the socialist diction.

Sixth: I am accepting it correct. So, no argument on it.

The seventh line is even wrong. Each “political majority” is a “communal majority.” Donald Trump did it in the USA, but everything is subtle in the USA. In fact, it is a communist propaganda. However, the question, does or not the majority have rights? Did they ever stop any advancement of society? If they had stopped, there would never be gender justice in the society. Today they are losing power. “They” means majority as well as elite “socialists” and “Marxists.” Hence, they are dividing people in “majority” and “minority.” Disassociate from such “Comrades” (Finally, I started to exploit the Socialist diction. In fact, Orwell teaches this to me. If someone is interested in knowing then reading the ending of “Politics and the English Language”)

The pamphlet has a final line, “Therefore this is high time for the oppressed from all faith, all countries, to support each other by isolating the common enemies within.” It reminds me of the ending of “The Communist Manifesto” which reads “workers of the world unite.”

But, whether it is Marx or BAPSA or even Socialist-cum-Marxist, everyone failed to tell “how to unite.” “From where to start and where to end?” Is there anyone who can tell. Marx wanted to “unite” in the absence of religion, but it is the irony of the situation is that even his name “KARL MARX” was given by religion. Why did not he change his name? It shows his religious temper, what if it is behind the scene. It is the reason, William Shakespeare writes, “What is in a name?”

Now, I simply ask,

  • What is the difference between the “language” of BAPSA and LEFT?
  • What is the difference between the “ideology” LEFT and BAPSA?
  • Is it promoting Idea of Ambedkar or Marx?
  • Is BAPSA a group of Neo-Socialists, (as ABVP claimed in their election pamphlet).
Being a student of JNU, I have a special respect for BAPSA for their struggle and hard work. If they delink from the socialist diction, terminology and even ideology, then it could surely promote and secure the vision of Ambedkar.

There are two types of people in this world. One is Foolish, and another is intelligent. Everyone likes to be in the company of Intelligent. But, a "fool" is full of ideas that are logical, scientific and even ration but intellectual do not like to talk to them. “They are dirt,” for the intellectuals. It is this notion of intelligent towards “fool” which makes them “Outsider.” Dinesh is Outsider. I am Neo-Outsider.

A final note is: do the critique in "language" of Ambedkar, and if possible "avoid to brand" me in socialist style.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Victory, Celebration, and sense of Corruption in Post Election JNU

Victory, Celebration, and sense of Corruption in Post Election JNU

The election is over after securing a victory of Left Alliance. After tasting Laddu in Periyar Hostel on Sunday, I bring some facts and details that are reverse to what is said and promised during the election.

Scenario 1
The student community of JNU is told that JNUSU is out of Fund. So, when the JNUSU office bearers were fined by the Administration, which they called Sanghi, they were collecting money from the students. Who will not get angry after knowing that fact that students do not have money to pay the fine. This fine force them to "bag" money from the students. The only cry was "the VC is Sanghi." And the LEFT had left no stone unturned to prove it right.

Here, three points need attention:
1. JNUSU is out of Fund
2. Office bearers were collecting money from Students
3. The VC is Sanghi.

Without giving much resistance, let us accept all these points.

Scenario 2
Whether it is JNU VC or the BJP Government, the LEFT of JNU regularly interrogates them on the ground of morality and Corruption. The frequently asked questions are "what happened to the Black Money" and "Where is my 15 LAC"
Here is I am accepting them and their statements true.

Scenario 3
After the election, some 400 Laddus were distributed in Periyar Hostel Mess. The mess manager approved this by saying that "it was from AISA for the victory of Election." I think, he forgets to mention two other groups here. Let us discuss it.

When I check the price, I found it is around 3000 rs. If the same scene is in all hostels then the amount is around 60,000 Indian Rupees.

My question is
1. From where the money come?
2. If JNUSU has no fund then who sponsored these Laddus?

The Unity could simply say that they have collected this money from the students. If you are coming with the same answer then, how much money is collected by JNUSU office bearers for paying the money as a penalty to JNU Admin? How many days were taken by you to collect that money? 

What I Think:
Dear LEFT, I have to ask you,
1. Is this money a black money?
2. Is spending some 60,000 is not a corruption?
3. When you tell from where it comes?
4. Why is this money not spent to purchase books for students?
5. Why is this money not denoted to Najib's Family who is fighting case alone?
6. Are you too corrupt like BJP?
7. Is JNUSU out of the fund was a lie?
8. If you can spend 60,000 on Sweets, then why you collected money from students to pay your penalty?

When you criticize BJP on various grounds, they never answer you. You pretend to raise the issues, so JNU students take you correctly. If JNU students are not wrong, then I hope I will get answers to all my questions.
However, you are free to not to answer me. Following your traditions, BJP did not answer you, so BJP is wrong. In the same line, if you do not answer me, then you are wrong.
Come forward and answer with courage dear president Geeta Kumari.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Redness Prevails in JNU

Three layers come together to defend the dying for of JNU in the student election. The efforts were successful and ended in victory with pomp and celebration, hallelujah.
Slogan raised high with the words, "JNU was Red, is Red and will remain Red." But, the question is till when? Let us not discuss it as it is not the mature time to stumble on the question.
Redness of red is my target. The dark blood-like colour of Russian revolution become thicker than the water in JNU. One could hardly distinguished water from the blood. Two parties, ABVP and BAPSA, from a different type of politics and ideology are enough to shake the Revolutionaries of LEFT.
I afraid whether the JNU LEFT aware about the meaning of Revolution. It in simple words means a new beginning when old ideologies die and are replaced by the new one. The powerful did their best to stop them, sometimes they spread propaganda and come together and tied themselves in one relation. They are afraid of change and want to keep the old structure of society by preferring the Old arrangement of Power. Such is the picture of Left in JNU.
Stay in powerful remains their final aim, and for they are ready to even to engage with the older "enemy." By this type of affair, I assure one thing, the left undoubtedly win but the colour of their REDNESS becomes thick and they know it very well. In the next election, the fourth remaining group surely will be added in the LEAGUE OF LEFT.
My politics always remains politics of moral and ethics that is beneficial for the masses and not for the political party or ideology. Democracy demands the shunning of ideology for the masses, who are party's first priority. Those who favour party or ideology (whether Left, ABVP, NSUI, BASO, or BAPSA) they are the product of moral corruption.
If the politics of LEFT is not politics of moral and ethics, they are cannot represent me. I do not want an alliance to secure a victory. In a democracy, everyone has an equal right to participate in the election. The alliance is nothing but a hurdle that exploits one's constitutional right.
My hypothesis is, 
1. What is the difference in Capitalism and Left on JNU?
2. What is the difference between idealism and ideal?
3. Is this how Left demands revolution?
4. Is this not exploitation of Rights, the Fundamental Rights?

Footnote: Redness is fading with each election.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Blurred Vision of JNUSU Presidential Debate

Blurred Vision of JNUSU Presidential Debate: 
A First Person Review for the post of PRESIDENT of JNUSU

Surrounded by some 3,000 students, it is nearly terrible for some to speak from the podium or the dais, as called by the EC of JNUSU. Only six candidates successfully deliver their promised speech. My account will not be a past narration that recollects the words, phrases, or mock manner of the candidates rather I focus on how their speech had influenced the JNUSU students in general, and myself in particular.

The candidate announces that she is not well, so I will not explore much and accept her words as true. By doing this I am giving her sixth position in my tally of ranks.

A very nice person, and highly active in JNU student politics, Geeta Kumari was the most experienced candidate in JNUSU election after Aprajita Raja. In her speech, I was thinking whether she was contesting for the post of MLA or JNUSU? Does she know what she was saying? When ABVP and others started to hoot, she clearly lost her confidence, senses and even stopped her speech. Hooting in your case was not even ten percent--if compared to Tripathi’s speech. She penetrates like a tiger where you shows your weakness and skills of an orator of low order. Your speech brings you to the fifth position.

As expected, she, Sabana Ali, brings real issues and explains most of them. However, her lack of confidence and less skilled orator may mar her success. She could, as her previous speeches show, could do much better but, she failed. However, her position is still much better than the others candidates. Her speech is of the fourth order.

She is smart, intelligent and one who chooses her words very carefully. The intellectual speech, full of national and international issues attached to domestic problems that establish her excellence in the field of politics. Who knows what will be the result of the election, but, for sure, I can sense a more mature future of this coming leader. She will be one day, one of the most successful leaders of India. I become a fan of her balanced speech. If she failed to be a leader, then she will be an esteemed professor. That person is best professional for the post, but let us see what other voters think about you.

My expected fear that no one will allow her to speak become true as other parties hooted during the speech of ABVP candidate. They are showing that she is "Outsider." However, her self-confidence and the flow of the speech was enough to clean the dust from the mirror of LEFT and BAPSA. Such a nice speaker with the sweet and enchanting voice that disturb the mind of the opponent. Even stronger was her delivery of sentences that clearly hit the target and makes a hole in the heart of left. She surely deserves the second position in my estimate.

Farooque Alam 
Now, I open my account with the sensation, the favourite, who proved to a nightmare for the Left Alliance. Faruq, the bulldozer, is the name attributed to him. He came like a person from nothing, or from the lowest dregs of humanity only to show the mirror of reality to the LEFT, RIGHT, BAPSA, ex. JNUSU President and all other “thekedars” of JNU. The parties who earlier denied his existence are unable to sleep the whole night out of the fear of coming ghost of defeat. If some person deserves 10 marks out of 10 then this is the person and he is, in my eyes, is the first in the position of speaker.

What I suspect:
Independent could attract some 200+ more votes and his total may reach around 400-500
AISF will be near 400-500 (if there is difference in her party, then around 200-300)
NSUI candidate somewhere between 120 to 150
Alliance = 800=> (reason is the growing strength of Independent and AISF)

In my estimate, the fight is between BAPSA and ABVP. 

UDSF and SIO have already offered their support to BAPSA. Though, their support is just a moral boosting and BAPSA needs it. The loss of LEFT and gaining of Faruq would be the benefit for BAPSA. Hence, they have a fair chance of winning.
If ABVP is able to manage their previous record of votes then they are the winner else BAPSA wins the presidential seat.

NOTE: This estimate is only for the post of PRESIDENT of JNUSU

Sunday, September 3, 2017

"Advertisement" Grades of JNUSU Election

The strongness and weakness a political affiliation is checked on the parameters that how it sponsors its party and candidates. I ventured to recognize this by having a look on posters, pamphlets, rely-pamphlets, speeches, marches, pre-GBM, unity and outside support. Here, is my estimation about all parties participating in JNUSU election, 2017. Final result is below the post.

The above determinants are active in BAPSA. The party's Facebook "poster war" that is directed against the LEFT is unchallengeable and unanswerable. Pamphlets having critical quality and directed to the subject. Rallies, replies, and marches are enough to prove their rising strength as a threat to all.

The party seems very strong in this election and has a fair chance of winning the post of president. Its pamphlets are amazingly amazing and exposed all the hidden branches of LEFT, and BAPSA--the main target of ABVP. No, one can defeat it in pamphlets and no one has guts to answer them. Who knows when their "UNITY MARCH" will come but, it is the strongness of ABVP and BAPSA that forced the left to constitute a weak group of AISA-SFI-DSF. But, I find the "main" candidate missing from the ground level. And only some workers, very hardworking, are there to promote the party and vision. Still, I will declare the promotion half, if the Presidential candidate failed to show presence among students. Do come out, else a good chance of winning will go in the dustbin. You cannot win the battle only by the speech on Aug 6. Talk to the students, is my advice.

It is behind on all factors, except one of its candidate reserve special mention-he was my student for some time. But, I avoid to name him. On the case of Najib, the missing student till now, he exposed the left's  stand by stating how he stands for truth. But, in case of the advertisement, the party is too far to be called a party.

It is fighting on fewer seats so some intellectuals are predicting that the presidential candidate could magnetize voters of left. Other fears that this candidate could distract South Votes as well as the Dalit votes. According to some rumors, the loophole is that this candidate is not promoting and absence is "visible." Some weak points are here: 1) either this candidate is sure of his/her victory; 2) it has already accepted defeat; 3) it did not want to come out in open. However, the reasons are not clear. I failed to understand, why they participate if things have to in this way. We need more participation and come under the sky and raise your slogan. Pople wants to hear your voice. be a representative and not "Missing." Whenever this party defends some leftist element, BAPSA comes out with the roar and answer its query on the same day. How fast is BAPSA? Just, directed your pamphlets against BAPSA not LEFT.

Independent Candidate
This person is hard working, extremely hard working if compared to other candidates, especially with of ABVP and AISF. Can easily be seen in Dhaba(s) and everywhere but pamphlets are missing. Lack of strategy is also missing but still, this candidate is brave, like a tiger. He at least has the courage to be among the "powerful."

POWERHOUSE on ground and unity doubled its power and threefold comrades are main power and girl candidate redoubled its strength. Apart from the seat of President, all three posts are entirely of the LEFT and congratulations to them in advance. But, be the biggest party, it is my duty to be cruel to its criticism. The main aim is only to hold "power' which is slipping from their hands. Like others, the speech of candidate has nothing to do with JNU. It is Election of JNUSU not for the post of MLA and MP. Where are common students and their issues? It regularly failed in answering the "Pamphlets" distributed by ABVP and BAPSA. The poster war is missing, and it seems its fighting is only with ABVP, and the question of JNU is Missing.  Thriplete workers are nothing to the hard work if compared to ABVP and BAPSA sympathizers. 

Position.......... Party ........................ Grades
First .............. BAPSA ...................... AP
Second:.......... ABVP ........................ AM
Third:............. AISA-SFI-DSF ............ BO
Fourth:........... Independent: ............. BM
Fifth:.............. AISF-......................... Fail
Sixth:............. NSUI.......................... Fail

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Ram-Rahim, “Justice” and the Politics of JNU


Court’s Judgement, “Justice” and the Politics of JNU: Ideological Fissures
We live in a secular country, if not a religious, that has given birth to Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Din-e-Ilahi. And, if the news reports are not wrong, one more, “Lingayat,” is about to born. Whatever be the religion of one, s/he at the time of their birth are religious, in one way or other. But today, everyone forgets, what is a religion? The chapter of this transition was written in 1950.
By adopting the written Constitution, the notion of old religious thought had died and a new one called democracy, though weak yet strong, come into existence. Comparatively, the weakest is the politics, and the most potent form of it is the Judiciary. It most substantial existence is proved in August 2017 with two judgments that changed the way one thinks: Progressive opinion on Triple Talaq and the sordid chapter of Ram Rahim
 With these rulings, the whole of India in general and the JNU, in particular, is divided into two fronts—one against another with added hatred. It seems the intellectuals, by wish or force, become the protector or destroyer of some idea: whether it is Triple Talaq or the case of so called saint. If one looks closely, the JNU student wing is not criticising the idea, but disrespecting “religion,” whether Hindu or Islam, by hateful comments.
When the judgment on Triple Talaq came, the Left side of JNU was hiding its face, and who knows where. Similarly, the result of Ram Rahim makes the Right Wing invisible. Is it a joke to blame the religion of others? Its answer is partly yes, and partly no—if the question is asked in concern of JNU, the nest of future intellectuals who, in the real sense of the word, are no intellectual at all.
These intellectuals are foot soldiers, in the guise of student wing parties, who work more on Facebook and less on the ground and even less on papers, I mean academic. They believe in a hit and run theory—just criticize and abuse the religion through pamphlets or Facebook status.
About religion, no one, not even these rightist or leftist, are aware of the direction they are going. Instead of defining how these spiritual gurus and ulemas become a self-state, an uncrowned king who runs a parallel government of its kind, they are criticising the politics in general and religion in particular. From the ages, religion is preferred over politics, don’t you know. If you look historically too, faith comes first, and rest of the options are optional.
Undoubtedly, the story of Ram Rahim is enough to fade any Bollywood movie. It would be an added surprise that a saint has enough power to control the politics of the state, if not the country. By examining the previous case of some saints like Aasharam, Rampal, and others, one finds that these are now behind bars for their crimes. But, this is not enough, as it has another hidden and unmentioned angle.
Sakshi Maharaj, an MP, and Syed Ahmed Bukhari, the Shahi Imam, are some controversial but religious figures that too needed attention. They deserve the same place next to these saints, and as soon as possible else it would be too late.
But, instead of a quick action, we believe in late by preferring the slow pace of judgments by the court. The intellectuals of JNU never take a criminal as a criminal until s/he was declared same by the tribunal. Think about Sakshi Maharaj and Syed Ahmed Bukhari. Should they be highlighted along with Babas but, in JNU, one is selected over the other. This great university, talk about Sakhshi Maharaj but forget Bukhari. Why is JNU so selective by not talking to other? Where are those revolutionaries of Left, Right, Centre, BAPSA, Collective, Hundred Flowers Group, the GSCASH, feminists and all other whose name is not here? Silence prevails. It could shake their vote bank.
The JNU student parties escape from their responsibilities, how these holy saints become a power station. But, I will go on to do their job: first, try to find those gap and then attempted to seal it with the concrete and cement.
The power of religious saint is the mass following, which is often uneducated, poor, simple minded and even devotee of the first order. They are attracted under the greed of food and good condition of living, and even the health sanitation. They are given so much privileged that if one works the whole day, then that person, male or female, will not be able to get the same type of hygienic conditions of living given by the Babas. From here, the treacheries, misguiding are shaped, and these innocent people are used as a human shield to hide their sin.
Ram Rahim is neither the first and nor the last of this chain, thousands more to come and from which religion who knows. The mistakes are of ours, and we have to accept these sooner rather than later. We protect them and put them in the highest position of religion that is purely unchallengeable. It's perfect and living example is Sahi Imam of Jama Masjid, who, from last ten years, cannot arrest despite his non-bailable warrants. Like Ram Rahim, he too gave mutual support to various political parties but no talk about him.
Why the silence prevails in case of Imam. Who knows what would be the fate of Syed Ahmed Bukhari, Sakshi Maharaj, and Ramdev. In a question to, why there is no spotlight on them? My answer is, they are not arrested and convicted by the police, hence, no spotlight. In this sense, they are innocent for their the masses, Hindu or Muslim does not matter. In fact, it is fear of loss of vote bank rather than fear of religion for the government.
Crime is a crime, and criminal is criminal, this is the lesson religion taught us but, we have forgotten it completely. We just try to prove, the religion of other is not right as compared to ours. Naturally, JNU is divided into “us” and “they.” It seems, a cold war of religion is going on, but no one holds responsible oneself for it and blames it on others. Let me tell you, how it works.
An unpopular, not popular, author in the twentieth century says, “Justice is a sister of popularity.” When a popular-cum-powerful person, having a reputation of a high order, is convicted by the Court of Law is considered as “justice.”
Before the judgment, a socio-political critic, not even by the single stretch of the imagination, have the guts to criticise that accuse like Ram Rahim. For example, let me remind you, there exists in “no headlines” on Aug 22, but suddenly, the saint received the media attention, national as well as International.
By defining about him in length would be to waste my words on unnecessary narrative. But, as a footnote to Baba, I would say, such is also applicable to Syed Ahmed Bukhari, the Shahi Imam. Ram Rahim is famous and convicted by the court; Imam is too popular but not convicted. Thus, due to the absence of the second form of justice, justice remains incomplete.
According to this, the case of Baba is “justice,” but, dear followers of students wings from JNU, what about Imam. Similarly, until and unless, the court does not convict imam, he will remain in the position and enjoy all the privileges—like Ram Rahim. But despite knowing all the facts, no, JNU party will come out in the open. If they do, then it, by the mere fact, could be a chance to set equilibrium in Justice. But, they needed the vote. So, why I am crying for justice, which already died long before I was born.
Herein, my focus point is not Imam but the way these spiritual gurus hold position, legally or illegally does not matter. But, they are powerful enough that they can wither away the state. Asharam, Ram Rahim, Rampal, Ram Rahim and Imam and others create a problem for the country. They, in simple wording, believe neither in Supreme Court, not in Democracy or the Constitution. Their only belief is a religion, but it is not the religion that is written in holy books. Instead, they created a new definition by their own and forced it on the innocent people.  My question, why the JNUiets are wordless when the issue of different religion and ideology confronted us. Moral bankruptcy it is.
In fact, religion is a shade of protection and well as a vote bank. Who could forget the 13-year-old Jain girl who dies in Hyderabad in 2016 after “Fasting” for 68 days? The issue was sensitive as religion involved in it, and it is even more sensitive when a minority group comes in picture. I do not know about goodness and badness of that Jain festival. But, religion, as used by the Jain community, should not be utilized in the way, it was used.
We should check each religious matter according to the constitution as well as per the needs of the twentieth century.
Babas and Imam were at the better position before Independence, but today they are corrupted to the last edge of the stick. There is no need for their post. Hence, all must be dismantled soon, if not with immediate effect.
We lived in a religious country, but we forget even the definition of religion—it is for the people, but people are not for it. It is awful for the powerful judiciary when the people, whether related to Triple talaq or Ram Rahim verdict, disrespect its judgment by preferring the religion, which is itself unwritten.
Think for a while, whether it is Prophet Muhammad or Lord Ram both are born as a human of flesh and blood. They were, for the promotion of peace and spreading of harmony among the masses, but we, the Indians of today just believe in hate. The defeat the different religion only by hate becomes our motto.
Each religious Guru or Imam wants to be powerful, and he uses the way he likes to attain it, including violence.
Do we forget the partition, a dirty chapter of the Indian history? In a question to “how many gurus and Imam were killed in that brutal violence” the answer would surely be “a few” but, the local people were, “unnumbered.”
All happened because of Gurus and Imam, the protector of religion. Apply the same here. The followers of Ram Rahim got killed, but Baba survives and one day will be roaming free like the birds in the sky. Rethink that the masses are their cannon fodder, and they kill us for their “sport.” In fact, we fight for their cause and life. If they have to live, we, the actual soldiers of religion or the ideology, have to sacrifice our life. Reapply this in case of Imam. Wake, arise or be forever fallen.
But, why to do this. It is the kitchen in which we cook our food, so called vote bank. The parties won the battle only by showing the fear of one religion to other.

Thursday, August 24, 2017



Deconstructing JNU, Admission, Student, and the JNUTA
It is said, and wisely too, that if you are not paying for some product, then you are the product. By building the argument around this line, I will discuss the case of JNU, Admission, Student, and JNUTA. The student metaphorically becomes a product in JNUTA’s resistance, if not the revolution, against the administration. The students are employed as the “foot soldiers” by these professors, from Left or Right does not matter. The students, on the contrary, are nothing more than blind followers of their master’s order. Their wit and consciousness are faded against the dark enlightenment of these well-versed professors.
The second summer is near to pass in the same mode of destructive argument by these professors against the admissions for the year 2017. The students, on the opposite side, do not have the courage to check the authenticity of words that are spoken by the professors. In the lack of this authenticity, the students, to talk in the socialist language, become “cog in their wheel” that is used to gain profit, not for the sake of students but the professors. Under the blanket of student’s support, the teachers hide their mistakes, if not the guilt or to say, moral sin. This must be exposed in the same way the teachers revealed the JNU “Research Admission 2017-18.” The exposure is published on web page that mentions “Only 53% of intake offered for admissions, and total collapse of reservations!” (Aug 4, 2017).
The astute morality and “playing down news theory” is exercised by the professors to misguide the student community regarding the less admission policy. The whole blame put on the shoulders of JNU administration, especially the VC, the first and foremost enemy of JNUTA. The allegations, charges, marches, hunger strikes and slogans created an atmosphere of chaos that most of the students failed to understand. I would not spend my time in proving the professors wrong and accept all their published words as “true.”
But, the allegations charged here by the JNUTA are severe and thus must be examined deeply and with equal concern, and even honesty. If JNUTA and its associates are right, then I would like to pose some questions if they like to answer:
  1. Who checks the exam? Is it administration or the professors? The answer, professors.
  2. Who graded papers? Is it administration or the professors? The answer, professors.
  3. Who finalizes the merit list? Is it administration or the professors? The answer, professors.
  4. Who interviewed the students? Is it administration or the professors? The answer, professors.
  5. Who finalized the “final list”? Is it administration or the professors? The answer, professors.
I hope the answer to five questions will be right. But, I suspect, if the teachers of JNU were given the task to check these question, then my result would be “FAIL.” Or, to write in the language of administration, “not qualified.”
When the professors are responsible for everything related to result, then why the tables are turned towards the management in general and the VC in particular. It is only the teachers who check, marks, grades and even finalizes the merit list. But, it is the height of moral corruption that the VC is responsible for the difference between “Intake” and “offer” seats. Is it not hypocrisy? Just compare the data made available by the JNUTA, how many students appeared in the exam and how many are qualified. To tell the truth, these seats remained unfulfilled because of these professors so called vanguard of JNU, who gave fewer marks to students. And now, when there are fewer students in the admission, they are shedding the tears of a crocodile.
If the professors are so concerned about the students, then why did not they upgrade the grades? For example, in the Russian department, as shown by the JNUTA data, a total 13 students have appeared. To increase the number of students, the professors should have passed all the students. Wait, I am blocking the way of working of teachers, or, I am telling them how to work. In fact, these teachers believe in an old phrase, “do not teach fathers’ have to make babies.” Under the hallucination of that addiction, they forget what is right for the students as well as for the University to which they claim “the best university.”
On Aug 24 again, the JNUTA issued a “Statement: On the JNU administration’s 17 August circular on the intake.” The fourth point of the statement runs thus:
“The JNUTA does not accept supervision caps for faculty based on rank.”
The statement is even funny, if not contradictory or useful for the students. It is again beneficial for the professors instead of the students. Again, the demands of JNUTA should be questioned on the ground of:
  1. If JNUTA wants no cap for the different post of teachers, then why they need different salaries. The responsibility of a Professor is more than an Associate professor and Assistant Professor. Hence, there is the difference in the number of students.
  2. There is another side of this non-cap trap that is demanded by JNUTA. A large chunk of Professors, only the professors, engaged in various national and international projects, an additional source of income. If they were given more students, then working for students may affect their future projects. They consider their time more important than the students (MPhil/PhDs). Hence, a cap is essential to the Professors so that they remained responsible and accountable for the students. 
In fact, these teachers will never take any moral responsibility for the failures of their duties and responsibilities. Rather, they believe in the blame game and throw their problems on others, especially the VC. It is similar like, America is responsible for the issue of Arab World. All attacks in India are sponsored by Pakistan only (focus on the word “only” and not Pakistan). Similarly, the JNU is degraded because of the VC. Thus, their most famous slogan is, this VC is humiliating the students by reducing the intake. Remember dear professors, you are also equally also responsible for the doom of this university. By beating the drum of resistance, you cannot clean your moral sins that are committed against the student community in last one year.
In a blame game, if one wants to save oneself, then other is projected as the enemy. In the politics of blame game, one has to find a common enemy, and that is the VC, that quite regularly named as Sanghi-VC. Once one decided who the enemy is, then one has to hammer hard that enemy through one’s critical stones. All is done to save one from the wrath of critique. It is similar like that of the partition of India. Both, Hindu and Muslim massacred each other, but the British took a safe passage towards England. Similar again, Hitler is an enemy as he killed millions of Jews in a Concentration Camp, but Henry S. Truman who ordered to drop the Nuclear Bomb on Japan is a promoter of peace. One forgets, both killed human but on different land, time and place. In fact, it is a game on popular demand. And in popularity, the JNUTA sees the Sangh as the enemy. So, it attempted, and successfully too, to paint the VC in the Bhagwa colour. However, by doing this, it is explicitly rejecting what it had done to the students in the previous session. This is JNU of today in case of registration only. It is just a pseudo-fight in the name of rights but for whom? Who will take the moral responsibility?
The foot soldiers will never question the professors, that reduced them nearer to the neo-modern slave, the victim of destiny.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

The Flood: A Business


Indian Government, State, Mafia, Media and an unsolved Riddle of the Flood: A Business

Half of India today is in the grip of a demon called flood, the biggest disaster that gallops thousands of Indian every year without offering a solution. Some seventy fruitless rainy seasons after independence has passed in the hope of getting a settlement to the unsolved enigma. But, the hope remains a desperate hope for the denizens of flood-affected states, if not area. Thousands of suggestions are offered to define the seriousness of the problems. Geographically, everyone knows what are reasons of the flood, and how these identified. So, the repeated discussions are unnecessary as it would be better to read the NCERT Geography.

Most of the times, the problem called flood has been misunderstood, misapplied, and sometimes even misappropriated by the corporate media houses, that are just helping hand of authority or to say of the powerful. The columns of newspapers are full of the existing difficulties faced by the ordinary people, who sometimes have to pay his/her life and sometimes even family. To give a perpendicular resistance to the flood, the government had done nothing in past, is doing nothing today and also will do nothing in the future, except offering a grant to the state. If one excavates the real truth behind the matter, then in this nothing is “everything.” In fact, the flood is a big business of three-fold dimensions: first Government aids, sand mafia, and exploitation of the natural resources. Except the first, the rest are constitutionally illegal yet profitable and are even un-taxable. Problems of the citizens living in the flood-affected are, if scrutinized, are the business for others. Let us expose the truth behind the perennial flood, one by one.

I will begin my orientation with sand mining or mafia and not by the government fund. Approved by the geographical society of India, the rivers are a harbinger of the flood and the media focussed only on this half statement. But, they also said that it brings uncounted tons of sand with them, and this remaining half statement is left unsaid. If the Geography department is right then this sand is illegally mined by the mafias in the distinct states. The muscle power behind them is so strong that the common man, officers and even the bureaucrats afraid of taking a strict action against them. Everything is done with the help of Bahubalis that are now part of political systems—I will not go deep in this question and advise the readers to go and watch the movie Gangs of Wasseypur.

To answer the question, “Why there is illegal sand mining,” I would say, India is transforming into a concrete city which is nearly impossible without sand that is unofficially in the hands of the mafia. If government blocked the flood water, then there will be no sand which means the end of the illegal business which also become a hurdle in the progress of our country. In other words, for the profit, the mafia only are sacrificing the lives of thousands, if not the millions. Saying in simple words, the mafia becomes active after the flood to share the profit out of trillions of the tone of sands that the river brought with it. The media coverage of famous cities and the problems faced by the citizens are nothing but the distraction from the main point of the mafia and illegal mining.

The second reason is that most of the flood prone areas are protected areas that are situated around the national reserves, biosphere, national parks, and sanctuary and so on. These areas are protected for the wild-life, birds, and animals such as tigers, rhinos, deer, and some nearly extinct or endangered spices. The government too want it clear to save these animals that are on the verge of extinct. Hence, the flood is used as an invisible weapon and people considered it their fate, not propaganda against them. If the fear of flood is eliminated, then it would invite the population growth that inevitably will demand rights, a school for education, employments and so one. If such happens then, the government and the private corporate sectors will exploit fewer natural resources from these reserves due to the pressure of population density. In one line, if the population rapidly grows, the natural resources would automatically be less as they would be destroyed by the population to secure their daily needs.

To elaborate the above two points, the corruption and Mafia are the subjects of Gangs of Wasseypur. If the movie has one percent truth, then it would be difficult to deny the existence of illegal mafia and mining as well. The violence shown in the film would become “related to real-life problems” which needed concern, a big concern. The government would do nothing because there are so many bahubalis who also get their share, small or big does not matter. Even if someone complains, then the accused is left after paying some bribe. It is the way black money is made under the nose of government, or to say, with the help of government. The reason is socio-political as well as moral corruption which is due to lack of education—who knows which type of education I am talking.

There comes the first option of Governmental Aid in the form of funds. One could question whether or not the government too is corrupt, in a moral sense only. After the flood hits, the central governments allocated funds to the disaster prone area. Regarding the funds, one of India’s former Prime Minister said that only one out of ten rupees reached to the masses. If there is the truth, then the fund too is also divided among the corrupts (I think you know better). If the state government with this fund make a bridge or a small stream that flows in a different direction, it will cost around one governmental aid, if necessary then two. But from last seventy years, the state governments and its officers are misusing this support.

These three factors altogether are synonymous with each other for the flood. The business of flood is more a profit and less a disaster. The central government needs resources which a state reserve, hence it never questions. The state governments need extra funds, so it is going to do nothing except demanding more money to meet the needs of the people. Mafia is doing illegal business that is why media is misguiding only by showing the area around a big city. In addition to this Media mount pressure on the central government by showing the picture of city-related disaster. It criticised state government for not improving the flood-related condition and even the relief to the people.

This business is like “dodo bird verdict” from a Victorian book Alice in Wonderland in which all players are “winners, ” and no one is a loser. The central government gives relief funds only to be the owner of reserves which are allocated by the concerned ministry to the private sectors. Mafia gets untaxable income through this business, and the progressive cities get sands for the multi-storied buildings. The state government receives funds, and affected people receive aid in the name of the food, water, and so on. And finally, the media promotes everything, and with it, media gets viewers and advertisement. Flood is not one side, or side but three, or to say many-sided business for all like corporate, media, the government of state and center, leaders, bureaucrats, and even mafia (think in your mind is anyone left).

All are victim of the moral crimes, but the biggest fault is Media that is manufacturing the consent of people by spreading the misinformation and by hiding the real information. To be clear, the Indian media is not showing accurate news for its principal aim is to earn money or to do business, which enabled it the title of “corporate media.” I am using a famous line from the novel The Great Gatsby to end it, “one thing is sure, nothing is surer. Meanwhile, in between the time, the rich get richer, and the poor get—children.” I think my readers are confused by the ending. By the quotation, I mean that the government will do nothing to promote the idea of progress in your area.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

JNU, Professors and the word “militarization”


Now-a-day the most favorite, if not critical, term used by the JNU’s professors-cum-intellectuals is “militarization.” Over repeating and needless emphasizing on it prove its importance for them. Apparently, the talk of JNU’s street is questioning: are the professor’s right or wrong? Let's unlock the enigma whether JNU ever promotes “militarization” or not.

Apart from the walls, one often sees the picture of Che Guevara on the t-shirt of students living on campus. Here, two options are possible, either JNU believes in the militarization of Guevara or considered he was peaceful. It is a waste to find a professor who could prove Guevara as peaceful revolutionary, thus, statement one is right. This university, if I am not wrong, at least has two student wing party bears the name of Bhagat Singh in one way or other, who again do believe in “militarization.” The youth icon Subhas Chandra Bose too celebrated “militarization.” Both these legendary heroes are quite regularly acknowledged by the JNUites, especially under the banner of Left political parties. Apart from the pictures and student parties, “militarized” poster of many events can easily be located on the walls of various schools, hostels, and even the library. If professors, including the students, did not worry about these posters, t-shirts, and celebration by student wing then why this word “military” enters in JNU campus after the announcement of the tank. Were they sleeping at that time? Where were they then?

The above description is applicable only to the left parties as they openly suspect, and rightly too, that Right wing favors “militarization.” Their fear is genuine as the modern Right wing such as Savarkar, like the Leftist icons, promote the same. Meanwhile, saying that Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Guevara too sponsor militarization are peaceful would be an antithesis. Now, it’s difficult to observe whose use of word “militarized” is correct, if compared between Left and Right?  I think both are wrong.

Thus, “militarization” was, directly or indirectly, part of JNU culture. My weak and feeble mind suggests me the meaning of militarization as an attempt to get a victory against the powerful. In politics, it is directed against the authority. If one succeeds, then he is revolutionary and if failed anti-national (left is both and right is neither in the JNU). The primary trust behind the overuse of word military, indeed, is to get power in their hands by hook or crook, force or foil, morality or immorality. But, the power cannot be achieved only by a direct fighting. Hence, both wings, Right as well as Left, needed a middle person that is JNU’s student, the common scapegoat.

Whoever be the winner of the battle between the professors (Left) and the VC (Right), but the students of JNU (scapegoat) are a loser and will remain the same. Today, all the professors’ are showing as they are the messiah of peace and pretend to be pro-students by their active participation in protests and hunger strikes, a Gandhian method. Let’s assume this statement is right and leave it for the students to decide.

After the unexpected and controversial event of Feb 9, the entire political lobby demanded that the students must remain away from the politics. But, they forget to talk about the professor, why they are excluded? I question, are they privileged? Lets leave it this matter too as everyone has their right to register their resistance, if it is according to the Indian Constitution. It is, if I am not wrong, also applicable to the professors, so does to me.

Till now, everything written here is about some hundred students and teachers who are part of a political group in a general and party in particular, left or right does not matter. Both are, undoubtedly, loyal to one another—it reminds about Aristotlean Master-Slave relationship model. But, what these teachers are offering to their students who spend their whole day in the library. This number is about 1000 pure researchers on whose name JNU gets best ranking. The professor shows their reliability towards the political students, and hence the researchers are neglected. Remember, it is the blood, sweat, and handwork of those thousand students on whose name these politically active students and politically inspired professors ripe their career. Ask those library-effected-students how much they are happy with this politically inspired atmosphere. Are not they feeling marginalized as their teachers are busy in politics? How much time do these students get? How fruitful is their research after spending nearly half of their day in the library, Monday to Monday, every day without rest? Holi, Diwali, Eid does not matter. Official holiday, no problem, we will read at room is  their thought.

The concept of 9B is a crime against Ph.D. who already spend his/her youth in JNU. Whose fault is this, who will take accountability? It happened only in JNU. An IITian finishes his/her Ph.D. in three years, but five summers are needed in JNU. Well done, responsible professors. Simultaneously, the students get a fellowship for three years, but they finish Ph.Ds in five years. Two years totally wasted, who will fund them? The fight should be for solving these student related issues for which the student wing demands votes. 

I forget to mention, if some decision, which the professors considered wrong, is taken by the VC then they say, it is not written in the Constitution. So the VC should work accordingly. Is the same rules are followed by the professors, in particular for a Ph.D. synopsis? As per the rule, every student has to submit their Ph.D. synopsis within six months after their M.Phil Viva. If it is a rule, is there any data to show how many students presented their synopsis within this timeline. Whose mistake is this? Let’s assume: it is student’s mistake because “authority” is always right—the idea is derived from the Philosopher King of Plato’s The Republic. 

Dear professors, just take a survey of those students inside the library with the question, “Are you happy with me?” If they say “Yes,” then you are free to go in the streets politics, but if the response is negative then you are “accountable” to students and not politics. The researchers don’t care whether or not there will be a tank, what they need is your attention. As a footnote, there are un-numbered pictures of Gandhi, in all courts, police-stations, offices, but are these able to insert morals in the people working under the shadow of this legend’s picture. If the answer is wrong, then nothing is going to change in JNU after tank—no one can promote his/her political idea with a symbol, neither left (red), nor right (saffron) not third lobby of Ambedkarite (Blue). 

Returning to the title, the “militarization” is always a part of JNU, and we do it sometimes directly and sometimes indirectly. The celebration of revolutionaries, whatever name one has, is the promotion of militarization. Wearing their T-shirt and posting their poster and distributing their pamphlet is also militarization. Do you forget even Karl Marx too believe in militarization by proffering “dictatorship of proletariat”—it was impossible without blood? Mao, Stalin, Lenin, Guevara, Singh, Bose, Savarkar are its another face but at a different time, place and land. If we are teaching our students these names and their achievements, then we are promoting “militarization” but in light shade. If so, then, why we are opposing the hard militarization that is proposed by the VC in the name of a tank. As I told earlier, it is happening only to gain power in the hands of powerful by using students as the cog in their wheels—both left and right are part of it.

Militarization is always bad, whether it is a light form of students and professors or in dark form of authority, the Platonic King is my meaning. Its unfortunate effect forced the Indian Socialists to erase the word “blood” from their manifesto of 1957—suggested by Stalin during his visit to India in 1953. The case of Savarkar too was no different. 

What I get from this transition is:
Propaganda follows the mixing of politics with media. Similarly, the secret wedding of politics, media, and army leads towards censorship. By writing this, I too become the target of “censorship” (I cannot name the unnameable). 

Do I have the honor to break the silence of “Censor? ” please let me know.